Is this the state of your inventory? Old and stale?

Valogix can help you turn it new again

Inventory reductions of up to 20% or more in the first year are common, with potential savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  • Are Easy to Use and Affordable
  • Simple to use and highly effective
  • Exception based—alerts warn of future issues
  • The most optimization power for the money

Provide Visibility to All Items and Locations

  • No second guessing where stock is or where stock is needed
  • Planning Groups increase productivity and performance
  • Key customers can be planned for better service

Highly flexible and innovative architecture:

  • Access via the Cloud, or have it Hosted, or install Valogix On-Site – the choice is yours


Valogix work efficiently in all the major industries. From Retail to manufacturing to eCommerce, distribution to aftermarket services Valogix solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements in each industry.

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Advanced inventory planning and optimization solution like Valogix, provide “smart optimization’ that dramatically improve the performance of an inventory. Optimization drives to the lowest possible cost to yield the highest service level possible.

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Return on Investment

Every solution you purchase should provide an expected return for that investment. Valogix solutions provide dramatic returns as measured by our customers. Valogix has shown this ROI can happen almost immediately from going live on Valogix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Valogix by reviewing these most asked questions and see how Valogix can help you achieve your customer service and inventory goals.

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Key Performance Indicators

Dynamically identify and reduce excess stock. Based on our experience, it is quite common to find excess and obsolete stock representing 30 to 60% of inventory and to find that 45% of the time customer demands cannot be met.

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The Cloud is an excellent deployment method for today’s advanced technology solutions. It allows for easy access anytime and any place. Valogix web-based solutions were built specifically for the cloud and the advantages it brings.

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Valogix Deployment and Software License Offerings

The Cloud

SaaS License

VALOGIX Inventory Planner is accessed in The Cloud at a Valogix partner data center. A subscription Service license (SaaS) is provided.


Perpetual License

VALOGIX Inventory Planner is Hosted at a Valogix partner data hosting center. A perpetual license with annual maintenance fees is provided.


Perpetual License

VALOGIX Inventory Planner is Installed at your facility (On-Site) A perpetual license with annual maintenance fees is provided.

Read our ROI Brochure and get the ROI Calculator