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VALOGIX® Inventory Planner is seamlessly integrated into NetSuite, providing automated forecasting, replenishment, and optimization at the tips of your fingers. The proprietary planning engine efficiently plans for each item/location combination based on its own unique characteristics and manages an unlimited number of items and locations. Valogix gives you instant visibility to the master warehouse, field stock, retail locations, and everything in between. Optimization provides exceptional value by reducing inventory safely, controlling new purchases and improving customer service.

Valogix is Built for NetSuite
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How Valogix enhances NetSuite

Valogix automatically extracts key data elements from NetSuite used to generate appropriate replenishment plans. Once approved by the Planner, the system automatically sends the data back to NetSuite and populates the correct documents in NetSuite.

The basic purpose of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is determining how much of which products needs to be either manufactured or purchased based on it being a component or ingredient of another item. MRP also determines when the product is required. Every item can have either Independent Demand or Dependent Demand.

Independent Demand is based on an item being an end product of a manufacturing facility. Independent Demand would include end products that are sold directly to customers or distributors, spare parts that are sold to repair shops or customers, supplies that are sold directly, etc.

Dependent Demand is based on an item being used, consumed, absorbed, destroyed, etc. in the manufacturing process of making other items. This might include raw materials, purchased parts, sub assemblies, or complex parts that are also themselves manufactured or assembled. Some dependent demand may be the result of waste or scrap from the manufacturing process.

  • Common Inventory Management Challenges
  • Planning for multiple locations
  • Recognizing “Demand variability”
  • Continual growth of new SKU’s
  • Difficulty in setting and maintaining accurate stock levels
  • Dealing with critical “Stock-outs”
  • Low inventory turns
  • Excess and obsolete inventory
  • Lack of ability to easily forecast accurately
  • Manually determining reorder points and safety stock
  • Lost time managing error-prone complex spreadsheets
  • Complexity in determining how much to order, when to  order, and where to stock, turns into a nightmare
  • Managing inventory used for production and direct sales
  • Too much time spent manually reviewing and ordering hundreds of items every day



  • Valogix automates the entire inventory planning process
  • Forecasting & Planning – every item at every location
  • Inventory levels – considers forecast, lead time, order frequency, service level and variability in demand
  • Replenishment  – Purchase Orders, Production Orders, Stock Transfers
  • Optimization – cost reduction & control – strategic planning analytics
  • Easy to use and highly effective
  • Avoids disruptions from costly stock-outs
  • Exception based – alerts warn of potential future issues
  • Planning Groups give unparalleled planning control & flexibility
  • Time-phase plans all items at all locations simultaneously
  • Items used in B.O.M.s and Kits as well as those sold independently 
  • Back-schedules to cover longest lead time of components 
  • Considers substitutes and supersedes
  • Synchronized planning for smooth-flow inventory availability

Valogix for NetSuite Product Demos

View these videos to find out how the Valogix Inventory Planning solution integrates seamlessly with NetSuite.
“With Valogix, you don’t have to guess – the demand populates and the algorithms get to work. We have much more control and sophisticated forecasting capabilities with the Valogix/NetSuite solution, and that strengthens our ability to meet customer needs and grow market share.”
David Paritz

Owner, Global Link

“Valogix provides the visibility into the data that enables us to make better purchasing decisions. Improved order accuracy and optimized purchase quantities just add to the value. The time that we save has already helped us achieve a full ROI. Valogix has been great to work with. They listen to our recommendations and requests, and act quickly to make the changes we need.”
IIan Dudek


“With Valogix and NetSuite, we have a much more accurate picture of what our inventory needs are going to be at any given time than we had in the past. Valogix knows what inventory we have on hand, and what’s on order and accurately recommends the next replenishment.”
Blake LeBron

Operations Manager, Saddleback Leather

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