Valogix Inventory Planner

Meet the next generation forecasting and planning software. It will forever change the way you plan your inventory.

The Valogix Inventory Planner comes as either a SE Standard Edition or as MultiLink (multiple locations).

Optimized Inventory Planning

Valogix proprietary model makes inventory planning more effective.  It considers the wild cards like item demand and service level objectives, and it does it for each item, leaving nothing to chance.

Valogix helps you locate your items quickly

Key Elements

  • Automated Forecasts
  • Buffer Stocks
  • Critical Alerts
  • Key Performance Analytics
  • Optimized Stocking Levels
  • Production Orders
  • Replenishment Orders
  • Time Phased Planning
  • Transfer Orders and much, much more

Dynamic Planning

  • The system automatically adjusts as demand and conditions change
  • Alerts warn you of potential problems before they happen
  • Excess and Inactive inventory are immediately identified
  • Get instant access to stock levels in all locations

Intelligent Planning:

  • Runs multiple forecasting models to select the right one for each item at each location
  • Optimizes and re-balances mix to reduce costs and increase service
  • Replenishes just the right amount of stock when it is needed and not before

Valogix provides innovative planning solutions the way you want them and is fully optimized and easy to use

It's easy with Valogix!

Valogix proprietary model makes inventory planning more effective.  It considers the wild cards like item demand and service level objectives, and it does it for each item, leaving nothing to chance.

With Valogix – it’s easy and saves you time.

So you can share your time with your best friends!

On-premise or in the cloud – planning is always a click away.

  • Hosted at your site for local or wide area network.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and ASP – hosted by your Application Service Provider or through a Valogix hosting partner.

  • Automatic data synchronization with your business management system.

  • Business Intelligence information for strategic or long range planning.

  • Export data directly to Excel for custom analysis and reporting.

  • Monthly Performance tracking shows progress against goals.

  • Dashboards provide key data at a glance and are directly linked to the details.

Valogix has everything you need

True Inventory Optimization &
Investment Analytics

The capability to optimize your future needs in central to us. The software alerts you to issues needing attention. These actions can minimize dollars and improve service. Inventory reductions of over 20% or more are achievable.

Automated Forecasting

Forecast up to 36 months with ease. The process effectively handles slow, random and highly seasonal items. It shows you the model chosen.

It is easy to make a manual change. Just change the number in any month on screen. The system will automatically plan for the change while retaining the original value.

Forward Aging

A unique feature that looks forward at the on-hand inventory. It sets three levels based on the expected demand:

  • Active is the right amount of stock;
  • Excess is more stock on hand than needed;
  • Inactive is no demand.

System Alerts

Alerts let you know that issues are present. This helps to plan your daily work flow.

Automated Replenishment Planning

VALOGIX Inventory Planner optimizes and recommends stock levels for all items at all stocking locations.

The system quickly identifies items that are or will be in short supply to meet demand. It produces a list of Items that need to be replenished. It includes Buy, Make or Transfer actions.

Internal Supply Chain Network

It easy to map and replenish your stocking locations. VALOGIX® Drag & Link allows you to simply drag and link how you want to resupply each location.

This process automatically rolls up history and establishes the actual internal supply chain process that is used to replenish each location.

Inventory Flow

A time-phased view of all transactions that can impact the inventory. This includes open supply or demand orders as well as planned orders and the unconsumed forecast.

You can trust Valogix for all your forecasting and planning needs!

ROI Calculator

“Because of Valogix, ICI has been able to eliminate hundreds of spreadsheets used to track sales & purchases in each of their warehouses. Eliminating these spreadsheets saved more than three hours per day of tedious manual effort, saving money and allowing their staff to concentrate on other areas of the business. And finally, customer satisfaction has increased due to having the correct mix of items in the right locations when needed.”

-Rick Crowder, VP and General Manager, ICI

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