Valogix helps you find the cash hidden in your warehouse

A Clear Return on your Investment

The perks of using Valogix
  • Inventory Reductions up to: 40% 40%
  • Reduced expediting and emergency shipments up to: 35% 35%
  • Improve productivity by reducing planning time up to: 85% 85%
  • Controll and reduce replenishment spending by up to: 15% 15%
  • Reduce purchased items costs up to 5% or more 5% 5%
  • Decrease “hold for parts” up to: 35% 35%
  • Decreased backorders by up to: 20% 20%

The Results are Amazing

“Because of Valogix, ICI has been able to eliminate hundreds of spreadsheets used to track sales & purchases in each of their warehouses. Eliminating these spreadsheets saved more than three hours per day of tedious manual effort, saving money and allowing their staff to concentrate on other areas of the business. And finally, customer satisfaction has increased due to having the correct mix of items in the right locations when needed.”

Rick Crowder, VP and General Manager, ICI

Seeing is Believing – Rapid ROI


  •  Improved Working Capital from Reduced Days Supply

  •  Reduction of Inventory (Stock) Investment Value

  •  Reduction in Inactive and/or Obsolete Stock

  •  Improved Gross Profits

  •  Reduction of Lost Sales

  •  Reduction of Expedited Shipping Expense

  •  Improved Time Savings from Faster Planning

  •  Lower Purchasing Costs Due to Better Vendor Management

Right away, we were able to identify areas that we could get to work on. When we implemented VALOGIX, we immediately noted that we had $1,800,000 in dead stock that we previously did not know was on the shelves. Over the last two years, we’ve been able to whittle that down to just $400,000. We would have never known that we had such a substantial problem if we hadn’t started using Valogix.

Fairview Fittings

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