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Frequently Asked Questions

Valogix means Value + Logic

Advanced Optimization

Valogix solutions are easy to use and provide measurable rapid ROI. Dramatic cost reductions, improved productivity and increased customer satisfaction are benefits received within months of implementation.


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The Valogix team has been leaders in inventory optimization since 1988, when they introduced the first PC-based planner. Now their new cloud solutions are built in a virtual software appliance that provides the most advanced platform today. 


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Problem Solvers

Valogix means “value logic”. Our focus is to develop solutions that deliver measurable results – increasing your bottom line positive cash flow. The Valogix team is leading again with the development of VALOGIX DMRP Inventory Planner. This breakthrough technology replaces the uniform usage assumption common with other DRP and MRP modules with predictions of the actual demand. This will prevent costly stock-outs caused from the “bullwhip” effect”.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to work in concert with our customers to help them achieve their inventory and customer goals. Our dedicated team focuses on the best way to achieve these goals based on the customer’s level of expertise. Valogix has thousands of users and partners in over 44 countries and growing. Valogix is headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY and is a global partner with some of the world’s leading ERP providers like, NetSuite, MYOB, Oracle/JD Edwards and SAP.

Planning Solutions

What are Valogix Planning Solutions?

Valogix Planning solutions are PC based inventory planning and forecasting solutions. By automatically forecasting future demand, calculating a recommended stocking quantity, and recommending what items should be ordered, Valogix provides organizations with the ability to reduce inventory expense while increasing customer satisfaction and improving productivity.

By automating the replenishment process, Valogix replaces the tedious, manual spreadsheet computations required in Reorder Point (ROP) replenishment. With its affordable pricing and ease of use, Valogix Planning solutions enable businesses of all sizes to utilize automated advanced planning capabilities similar to those currently employed by Best-in-Class Fortune 500 companies.

How do I know if Valogix Planning solutions are right for me?

Valogix solutions are designed for ease of installation and use. Any company that has any type of finished goods inventory, service parts inventory, or maintenance and repair parts and supplies should be using Valogix. They automatically plan as frequently as you need based on your unique business requirements. Valogix computes recommended replenishment quantities, advises how these recommended quantities impact your cash flow, assesses the aging status of your inventory, identifies excess and obsolete items, and will scale as your business grows. 

What level of cost savings or Return on Investment (ROI) can I expect to achieve by using Valogix Planning solutions? 

Typically, cost reductions of 15% to 20%, or more, are achievable with Valogix advanced capabilities. Improvements are realized in the areas of:


  • Reduced gross inventory levels

  • Improved “active” inventory mix (reduced excess & obsolete)

  • Increased Planning & Replenishment Process productivity gains

  • Improved vendor relations – due to improved Forecast quality

  • Improved customer satisfaction/loyalty – due to increased level of service/reduced stock-outs

  • Improved equipment up-time (productivity gains)

Product Information

Will Valogix Planning solutions really “install rapidly”?

Valogix products are designed to make installation as simple and easy as possible. Since they integrate to your business transaction software, we have developed standard Interfaces to the most popular systems. This makes implementations easy to do within a few days. Product Information

Is there a Demo available for Valogix Planning solutions?

Yes. Valogix will be glad to arrange a web-based demo at your convenience. All that is required is a web-browser and access to the internet.

What are my options if my business expands to multiple warehouses/stocking locations?

Valogix solutions enable you to easily transition to VALOGIX® MultiLink without the pain of a lengthy migration process or training employees on a new application. Valogix applications are designed for growing businesses and we have made transferring your data simple and straightforward.

What type of support is available for Valogix Products?

Valogix Planning solutions are available through your local Reseller, who can provide you with installation and on-going support for your business. If you do not have a local Reseller, please contact Valogix directly.


I already have a demand planning and forecasting capability in my ERP system. Why do I need another one?

ERP were designed to forecast and plan for Production or Manufacturing inventory requirements. These tend to be very smooth with little or no spikes. Valogix has specific forecasting and replenishment algorithms designed for the low volume, random demand patterns of finished goods, and service and spare part items.

Systems Information

Can I import data from my current application to Valogix Planning solutions?

Yes. You can automatically import your master record data from a simple fixed length text record format to Valogix. Valogix Standard Interfaces automate this process. You can also request Valogix to build an interface for your system which will be quoted at the time of the request. You can also export data from your current system into Microsoft Excel. Valogix has data templates for excel that make this a simple and easy process.

Is there a limit to the number of planning items and records I can setup?

No. Valogix solutions can handle virtually an unlimited number of records. The database is scalable to accommodate your growth and will work with millions of records.


Is there any limit to the number of users who can access Valogix Planning solutions?

Based on license purchased, there is no limit.

System Integration

Do Valogix Planning solutions integrate with Microsoft Excel?

Yes. Valogix products easily export data to Microsoft Excel.

Does Valogix Planner integrate with Web based services?

Yes. Valogix products easily export data to Microsoft Excel.

Purchase Information

What is the price of Valogix Products?

Pricing varies based on the number of users and stocking locations. For details please contact your local Valogix Value Added Reseller (VAR) or contact Valogix directly. Valogix customers can also purchase an annual Maintenance Contract.

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