Valogix inventory planning & optimization software enhances many ERP systems including:

Key Performance Indicators

VALOGIX Inventory Planner helps you achieve your key customer and inventory planning goals.

You can make faster, easier decisions. Access the rich data to
improve new buys, transfers, and work orders.


Reduce Inventory Investment by up to 40%


Reduce Planning Time by up to 85%


Increase Service Levels up to the upper 90% range


Valogix has helped thousands of customers make better buying and stocking decisions. Here are some of the key industries Valogix customers represent:

Automotive Parts

  • Forecast at the SKU/Location level
  • Identifying changes in demand quickly
  • Seasonal items not planned well enough in advance

Wholesale Distribution

  • Accurately forecasting future demand
  • Properly filling Ocean Containers or Trucks
  • Stock-outs of essential items


  • Forecasting of all demand
  • Production of both make-to-order and make-to-stock
  • Optimization for efficiency and cost control 


Service Parts

  • Difficulty in manually setting min, max, & safety stock levels
  • Limited ability to accurately forecast future demand
  • Stock-outs


  • Low inventory turns on a majority of items
  • Excess and obsolete inventory
  • Wrong mix of inventory items


  • Wrong mix of inventory items
  • Continually changing customer preferences
  • What to stock, how much, and when to order & transfer 

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