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Valogix Enterprise Inventory Planner

VALOGIX® Inventory Planner Enterprise Edition is web based & multi-tier architecture. It is built for ease of use and delivery of rich content. You access it with your regular Internet browser.  You are ready to plan anytime and anyplace. This new version builds on the strong value we provide to companies every day around the world.

Supply chain management is of critical importance today. Your customers rely on you to meet their orders when they want them. Timely and cost effective delivery of items and services is a tough challenge.

You can improve your competitive advantage without the high cost of more expensive solutions. You will achieve high service levels and minimize costs. Valogix also tracks the performance and value of your inventory.

“We carried high levels of inventory to protect our customers from the instability in our industry. Even with the difficult economy, or perhaps because of it, we committed to Valogix on the spot because of the identifiable financial results through inventory reductions. From what we’ve seen in just three months, we expect Valogix to pay dividends long before the end of the current economic downturn.”


Walter Jann, Executive VP
Legend Valve

The enhanced MRP planning is very important to us. Valogix Planner gives us automatic forecasting based on order history and seasonal fluctuations - which is a big aspect of our business. This prevents over and under stocking for each warehouse, and increases sales and customer satisfaction.


 Beate Caso, President
Bruder Toys America

“In today’s markets, it is imperative that we monitor and control our inventories as tightly as possible. If we don’t, we’ll miss major opportunities in the future. Valogix has helped us significantly reduce our costs and improve our productivity, giving us the ability to prepare for whatever comes our way.”


Dave Richards,CIO
Pacific Steel & Recycling

“With Valogix and NetSuite, we have a much more accurate picture of what our inventory needs are going to be at any given time than we had in the past,” LeBrun said. “Valogix knows what inventory we have on hand, what’s on order and accurately recommends the next replenishment. It’s an impressive solution.” 


 Blake LeBrun,Operations Manager
Saddleback Leather

Why Valogix V.8 is different:

  • Intuitive UI – Easy to use & understand. No confusing icons to learn

  • n-Tier, Browser-based web application

  • Deployed in a Virtual Environment for faster easier installation & enhanced data security

  • Business Intelligence (Analytics) information for strategic planning

  • Dashboards provide key statistics & alerts at a glance, linked to the details

  • Drag and Link Internal Supply Network links locations for re-supply

Architecture Benefits:


  • Multi-platform (Linux, Unix, Windows) and Multi-user.

  • Internationalization Support.

  •  UI works with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.

  • Enhanced security.

  • Automated software updates.

  • Provides opportunity to offer a hosted solution off-site or on-site.

  • Scalability:  support for lots of users, warehouses, and items (SKUs).

  • Deployed in a virtual environment to insure speed and ease in implementation.

Inventory forecasting and planning improvement

The Planning Engine employs state-of-the-art techniques to improve your inventory mix. This unique planning engine is at the heart of all Valogix advanced solutions.

It accounts for planned demand such as scheduled maintenance and sales orders. It automatically considers factors like seasonality and demand outliers. It displays which items to stock and those that are obsolete or inactive.

There are two sides to our solution. One is the daily use that alerts you to issues. Orders and transfers request are submitted for action. The second is the strategic side. On a monthly and yearly basis is tracks the investment and shows you where you can improve.

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Deployment Strategy:

Valogix Inventory Planner is cloud-based built from the ground up. It can be available on premise or in a hosted environment.

Select Features

Select Features


Dashboards are used throughout the product providing critical data and links to the details.

Critical Alerts

Alerts will consist of: Batch Process Failure, Critical Shortage (Customer Order Shortage and Impending Stock-out situations), and New Items.


Valogix Exclusive Forward Aging

A forward look at the on-hand inventory position for either a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period. It identifies three levels of inventory status based on the expected forecasted demand.

Inventory Flow Matrix

Day-by-day table of demands and replenishments for an item/location shown by either week or month. It also includes Available to Promise quantities.

Valogix Exclusive Investment Analysis

A rationalization and optimization of the on-hand and on-order inventory pinpoints where there is too much invested and as important, where there is too little invested.

Enhanced Forcasting

A proprietary forecasting engine that automatically computes a forecast for an item. The forecast methods include algorithms proven over several years of use on many different types of data. The most difficult data to predict are slow moving, random demand and seasonal type inventory items. Valogix has built special algorithms for these cases. The presence and degree of seasonal and trend components is detected and applied in the various forecast models. The forecast can be run for 12, 24 or 36 months.

Automated Replenishment Planning

The automatic system process of identifying items that are or will be in short supply to meet demand on a scheduled basis. It produces a list of Items that have reached a review date and have positive Quantity Needed (negative Net Quantity). It includes the ability to Buy, Make or Transfer items as appropriate.  In combination with alerts, scheduled replenishments elevate a planner’s productivity to new levels.

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