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Advanced Inventory Planning for SAP Business One

Valogix Planner enhances SAP Business One Demand Planning
Valogix enhances SAP Business One


Since 2004, The Valogix Inventory Planner for SAP Business One and SAP Business One on HANA has been the choice of companies around the world. Valogix latest optimization technology provides virtually every customer who carries inventory or runs manufacturing with immediate savings. Including Valogix software for your inventory planning and replenishment will give you the edge you are looking for the first time and every time.

How Valogix enhances Sap Business One

The basic purpose of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is determining how much of which products needs to be either manufactured or purchased based on it being a component or ingredient of another item. MRP also determines when the product is required. Every item can have either Independent Demand or Dependent Demand.

Independent Demand is based on an item being an end product of a manufacturing facility. Independent Demand would include end products that are sold directly to customers or distributors, spare parts that are sold to repair shops or customers, supplies that are sold directly, etc.

Dependent Demand is based on an item being used, consumed, absorbed, destroyed, etc. in the manufacturing process of making other items. This might include raw materials, purchased parts, sub assemblies, or complex parts that are also themselves manufactured or assembled. Some dependent demand may be the result of waste or scrap from the manufacturing process.

  • Utilizes the same look and feel of SAP Business One
  • Enhanced forecasting for highly seasonal and slow-moving items
  • Vendor planning for easy  replenishment management
  • Replenishment orders automatically created
  • Simultaneously generates new orders and stock transfers Manages the MRP functional planning for bills of material (BOMs)
  • Vendor planning for more precise and easy replenishment planning
  • Inventory investment shows the power of Valogix genuine optimization

Valogix Plans and Manages:

  • Make-to-Order (MTO)
  • Make-to-Stock (MTS)
  • Forward Orders 
  • Complex BOMs


Valogix manages an unlimited number of locations improving the SAP Business One process.

The Valogix Inventory Planner can accommodate a component having different levels in different Bills. Inventory Flow dynamically tracks the inventory status changes. Valogix manages an unlimited number of locations improving the SAP Business One process.

An MRP system is intended to simultaneously meet three objectives:

  • Ensure materials and products are available for production and delivery to customers

  • Maintain the lowest possible level of inventory

  • Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities

Valogix enhances the Assembly Planning capability in Business One. Valogix uses a Bill of Material hierarchy sourced and establishes the ‘level’ of a component i.e:


Level 1:  Parent Level

Level 2:  Sub Assembly Level(s)

Level 3:  Raw Material Level(s) 


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Valogix for SAP Business One Product Demos

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View these videos to find out how the Valogix Inventory Planning solution integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One. 


Presented by Balloon One and Tom Glacken of Valogix

“Optimizing the inventory minimizes shipping costs, minimizes the transfer times, and makes our clients happy and it’s better for Bruder Toys.”

Beato Casco

President, Bruder Toys

“Being able to compare the automated forecast to the long-term trend is very important. This provides us with the ability to make informed decisions and apply human intelligence to better manage our inventory.”

Mei Lein Chang

Vice President CoFounder, Trade Union International

We process hundreds of orders per day. With over 17,000 SKUs growing to 20,000 by early next year and I can’t imagine managing our inventory without Valogix.”

John Nelson

General Manager, American RV

Learn how Valogix seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One