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More efficient supply chains and improved customer service (while reducing costs) has become a daunting task for wholesalers and retailers around the globe. Valogix inventory planning and optimization solutions are the easy-to-use, affordable way to solve the most complex inventory challenges.

Read for yourself to learn just how Valogix made the difference:

Talar Made

Reducing Manual Processes and Increasing Margins with the SAP® Business One Application and Valogix Inventory Planning

medi USA

Medical Goods Supplier Reduces Inventory and Maintains High Service Levels with VALOGIX® Inventory Planner


Bruder Toys America, Inc.

Plays with Big Savings from VALOGIX® Inventory Planner

Trade Union International

Multi-Division Company Saves over $1M after implementing Valogix Planner

The Plastics Warehouse

Supplier of Plastic Products Reduces Inventory and Maintains High Service Levels with VALOGIX and SAP Business One

Action Industries

Maintaining 98% Same-Day Deliveries with SAP® Business One and Valogix

Camlab Ltd

UK Laboratory Equipment Distributor Trusts VALOGIX® Inventory Planner V6.3 to Manage Acquisition

Global Link

Valogix/NetSuite at Global Link
Global Link Fuels Growth with Valogix Inventory Planning and NetSuite


Ink and Toner Supplier Cashes in on Advanced Inventory Planning from Valogix


Best Materials

Roofing and Building

Materials Supplier Achieves Solid ROI with  VALOGIX® Inventory Planner

Technology Supplies Ltd

Recently installed the Valogix Inventory Planner MRP System to further enhance logistics & inventory management.

Saddleback Leather

Optimizes Inventory Planning with Valogix and NetSuite

American RV Company

Drives Big Savings and Improved Cash Flow with Valogix® Inventory Planner

McDonald Dash Locksmith Supply

Locksmith Distributor Locks in Big Savings with VALOGIX® Inventory Planner

Herramientas Poderosas

Herramientas Poderosas Controls Spending and Manages Growth with VALOGIX

Inhep Digital Security

Security Products Manufacturer and Distributor Saves US$2,000,000 with VALOGIX® Inventory Planner V6.3

Fairview Fittings

Industrial Fittings Distributor and Manufacturer Identifies Savings Opportunities and Increase Efficiencies

A.A. Oliver & Sons

Supplier of sewing products and soft goods to upholstery furniture manufacturers reduces processing costs for purchasing; reduced inventory; and improved order fulfillment rate by 20%


Distributor for the Food  Additives Market Achieves High ROI with VALOGIX® Inventory Planner


Agricultural & Construction Equipment Parts Distributor Gains Positive Business Impact with VALOGIX® Planner and SAP® Business One


Carwash Services “Cleans Up” with Big Savings using VALOGIX® Inventory Planner


Superior Auto

FInd out how SAP and Valogix gives Superior Auto more horsepower

Sunset Healthcare Solutions

Manufacturer and Distributor of Home Healthcare Solutions uses Valogix Inventory Planner to achieve high fill rates while growing over 20% per year since 2011.




In just five (5) months, RediBag has been able to:

  • Reduce inventory by 24%
  • Increase service levels by 15%
  • 43% Reduction of excess and obsolete inventory


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