Customer Testimonials

John McCluskey
Inhep Digital Security

“Inventory planning from Valogix is the backbone of our strategic decision making – from budgets to supplier management. The tools in VALOGIX for forecasting have helped us negotiate better prices with our suppliers, and allowed us to drop our stock costs by more than 5% on our A items and 2% overall, directly earning us millions in gross profit.”

Blake LeBrun, Operations Manager
Saddleback Leather

“Building our inventory forecasts manually in Excel was a lot of administrative overhead and needed constant updating as new products came on board. We needed a solution that could integrate with NetSuite to give us a more accurate look at what our inventory needs would be.”

Raymond Singh, IT Manager
Fairview Fittings

“Right away, we were able to identify areas that we could get to work on. When we implemented VALOGIX, we immediately noted that we had $1,800,000 in dead stock that we previously did not know was on the shelves. Over the last two years, we’ve been able to whittle that down to just $400,000. We would have never known that we had such a substantial problem if we hadn’t started using VALOGIX.”

Phil McBee, Controller
McDonald Dash

“In less than six months, we’ve reduced our inventory by more than $75,000 and expect to reduce it by $150,000 by the end of the first year. Since automating planning and replenishment processes, we’ve increased productivity and have been able to secure discounts as much as 10% by referring to our forecast prior to ordering inventory. Gone are the days of buying lots of inventory just to get a deal. VALOGIX helps us get a good deal by ordering just what we need, when we need it.”

Maurice Riley, Operations Manager

“Before implementing VALOGIX® Inventory Planner, we would spend 8 hours a day, five days a week on our planning and purchasing procedures. After implementation, we spend fewer than three hours a day and are confident that the numbers are spot on.”

Mei Lein Chang, VP and Cofounder
Trade Union International Inc.

“Valogix is able to provide us with a forecast based on historical trends and the ability to easily compare the forecast to our past performance. We can now buy the right products with the correct quantities at the right time and our performance has increased at least 35 – 40% which is remarkable.”

Demetre Nikolopolous,
Plastics Warehouse MD

“Instead of money being tied up in unwanted inventory, it’s free to be ploughed into the business where it is needed more, such as to fuel the company’s future growth.”

Alex Student, VP Sales
Superior Auto Extras

“Equally important to us is the inventory management tool called Valogix giving us stocking quantities, mid maxes, having lead times and planning horizons built into everything.  The system lends itself to a lot user friendliness, all the manual work we used to do to manage it been taken care of by the program.  Having the right inventory management tools has allowed us to manage our cash flow tremendously better as well as our ability to maintain orders from the time they come in the door till the time they go out the door we see in a day to day process in time, efficiency and removal of mistakes.”

Brenda Bradley, Controller
Carwash Services of the Southeast

“Valogix is easy to use.  The ability to sort by vendor warehouse, item or item type is very helpful when you have multiple warehouse locations; you forget Valogix is running in the background! It’s a huge time saver for us and also for our customers to not be out of product at peak times.”

Wayne Cope, Senior Buyer

Spreadsheets NO longer Required

Prior to using Valogix, we managed our demand planning through a series of excel spreadsheets often experienced line down situations. We implemented Valogix three years ago and the results have been phenomenal. We have experienced improved inventory turns, a decrease in days of inventory on hand, and our stock outs have been greatly reduced.

 Valogix provide excellent service with visibility to notice trends in advance and buy for those trends greatly improving the customer experience. Pat Ludwig along with their customer support team very fast in responding to our requests and needs, as well as their webinars showcase new functionality easy to implement in a very short time. They have been a great partner to ChargePoint business account.

 Antonio Castill, CFO
Herramientas Poderosas

“Our customers expect to receive the parts they need, when they need them. We have to earn their loyalty by providing them with outstanding service, every time. Using VALOGIX Inventory Planner allows us to re-duce our overall capital expenditures and at the same time, delivers the level of service our customers expect.”

Scott Toll, Operations Manager

“In such a tough economy, businesses have to find ways to trim the “fat” and increase customer service at the same time. VALOGIX helps not only Translectric do that, but our dealers benefit by not having to carry large quantities of stock and still be able to get what they need when they need it.”

David Pairitz, Owner
Global Link Distribution

“With Valogix, you don’t have to guess – the demand populates and the algorithms get to work. We have much more control and sophisticated forecasting capabilities with the Valogix/NetSuite solution, and that strengthens our ability to meet customer needs and grow market share.”

Beate Caso, President
Bruder Toys America

“The enhanced MRP planning is very important to us. Valogix Planner gives us automatic forecasting based on order history and seasonal fluctuations – which a big aspect of our business is. This prevents over and under stocking for each warehouse, and increases sales and customer satisfaction.”

Ilan Douek, President

“We’ve been running cloud applications for more than 7 years. No more hardware, upgrades, patches or IT department – our vendor does all the work. It saves us an estimated $150,000 a year.”

Mike Oliver, President
A.A Oliver & Son

“When we started using the new software, I thought that inventory levels would rise modestly, then work back down as employees became more proficient with the system. But, in fact, levels never did rise, but gradually declined, even as down.”

 James Mills, Operations Director
Talar Made, Ltd.

“We have a complete, integrated solution to manage our entire business. We improved purchasing planning significantly, reducing time and cost with better results. This let us increase sales and profits with no additional resources.”



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