VALOGIX® DMRP Inventory Planner for your ever changing planning needs

Valogix Smooth-Flow inventory planning. Work smarter. Not harder.

Valogix has developed the next-generation of cutting-edge inventory planning and optimization technology. After years of addressing complex customer’s inventory planning issues VALOGIX DMRP Inventory Planner will transform the way you plan and manage your inventory.

Valogix inventory planning solutions are proprietary multi-stage planning engines. This means the entire process from forecasting, to inventory rationalization and optimization, to planning and replenishment is managed within one solution. This provides several advantages over competitive solutions where multiple modules are required to manage this process. These advantages are:

Forecasting and Planning – every item at every location

  • Stock Level Setting – considers forecast, lead time, order frequency,

  • Desired service level and variability in demand

  • Replenishment – Purchase Orders, Production Orders, Stock Transfers

  • Optimization – reduces inventory investment and increases service

The advantages of multi-stage planning are:

  • Speed an efficiency

  • High degree of accuracy and reliability

  • Less costly to buy and maintain

  • Manages wild cards like demand variability automatically


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

The basic purpose of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is determining how much of which products needs to be either manufactured or purchased based on it being a component or ingredient of another item. MRP also determines when the product is required. Every item can have either Independent Demand or Dependent Demand.


  • Based on known production master schedules, determine when to order inventory to support assemblies/production schedules.

  • Traditional Material Requirements Planning (MRP) works very well with dependent demands from manufacturing orders only.  It works with a time-phased planning approach to manage the back scheduling and creates an even flow of inventory.

  • A major objective is the reduction of lead time for demand signals to traverse the internal supply chain. 

  • A second objective is prediction of major “bullwhips” when multiple locations submit nearly simultaneous replenishment orders to the same supplying warehouse, rather than spreading these orders out uniformly across time.

  • There is a Parent\Child relationship that is inherent in the planning process. Additionally, Substitutes and Supersedes further complicate a difficult process.

The Bullwhip effect chart

Bullwhip Effect

The bullwhip effect is a distribution channel phenomenon in which forecasts yield supply chain inefficiencies. It refers to increasing swings in inventory in response to shifts in customer demand as you move further up the supply chain.

VALOGIX DMRP Inventory Planner Benefits

Valogix automates the entire inventory planning process

VALOGIX inventory planning solutions can plan an unlimited quantity of items and locations simultaneously. There is no limit to what you can achieve to improve your positive cash flow.

VALOGIX® DMRP Inventory Planner simultaneously plans for items needed both in the manufacturing (production) process and sold separately as finished goods. This smooth-flow process is unique because it accurately plans the independent inventory based on its own parameters and demand. Most planning techniques for finished goods were borne out of the manufacturing process which leave gaps in inventory coverage for distributors and retailers.

stocking location

Valogix DMRP Inventory Planner provides a framework for accessing relevant information to make intelligent replenishment decisions. The details are immediately accessible when questions arise about the status of an item at a stocking location. The use of dashboards throughout the product provides information that is easy to read and understand. 

Based on your business goals, Valogix creates a forecast, sets optimal stocking levels and identifies your ideal inventory investment. It compares the recommended stock investment to your actual stock investment. Valogix makes it easy to identify and take action on obsolete, excess and inactive items. You can quickly filter, sort and drill down into item detail and make better decisions.

With thousands of items to plan, Valogix can handle the planning faster and easier, leaving you time to work with your customers.


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