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 Valogix expert staff will take you on a personal guided tour or the latest innovations in VALOGIX Inventory Planner. During the demonstration you will see how Valogix easily plans even the largest inventories automatically. At the same time, you can share your goals and objectives which allows us to personalize your demonstration. Valogix solves the most complex inventory challenges with easy-to-use, affordable inventory planning and optimization solutions.

VALOGIX® Inventory Planner automates the entire planning process from forecasting to replenishment to optimization and automatically transmits daily purchase, transfer and work orders back to your ERP system. It helps companies reduce costs, increase productivity and offers a rapid and extensive ROI.

Benefits Valogix customers can achieve include:

Reduced inventory

Increased productivity

Reduced stock outs and overstocks, shipping costs and lost sales

Increased sales by having the stock on hand

Improved customer satisfaction levels