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Valogix supply chain inventory planning software enhances many Business Management Systems including:


Key Performance Indicators

Valogix supply chain planning solutions automatically forecast, plan, replenish and optimize your inventory and help improve your bottom-line positive cash flow.


Reduce Inventory Investment by up to 40%


Reduce Planning Time by up to 85%


Increase Service Levels up to the upper 90% range


Valogix has helped thousands of customers in all kinds of industries like:
Automotive Aftermarket Spare Parts

Automotive Parts

  • Forecast at the SKU/Location level
  • Identifying changes in demand quickly
  • Seasonal items not planned well enough in advance 
Warehouse and Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

  • Accurately forecasting future demand
  • Properly filling Ocean Containers or Trucks
  • Stock-outs of essential items 
Manufacturing and Assembly


  • Forecasting of all demand
  • Production of both make-to-order and make-to-stock
  • Optimization for efficiency and cost control 


Dealer Franchise, Small Business

Dealer & Franchise

  • Changing customer preferences
  • Manually forecasting, replenishment planning, & identifying excess stock
  • Avoiding running out of stock


Maintenance, Repair, and Operations; Overhaul


  • Limited or no forward visibility and planning
  • Unreliable commit dates from suppliers
  • Chronic “rush and expedite” orders 
Aftermarket Service Parts

Service Parts

  • Difficulty in manually setting min, max, & safety stock levels
  • Limited ability to accurately forecast future demand
  • Stock-outs 
Retail Finished Goods


  • Wrong mix of inventory items
  • Continually changing customer preferences
  • What to stock, how much, and when to order & transfer 
e-commerce; virtual storefronts


  • Low inventory turns on a majority of items
  • Excess and obsolete inventory
  • Wrong mix of inventory items

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